Postcards from London

by - Monday, March 28, 2022

“I like the spirit of this great London which I feel around me.”
 -Charlotte Brontë

At long last, a bit of overseas travel after 2 years of being confined in a fishbowl. The pandemic is not yet over but travel restrictions are  being eased up with more people getting vaccinated and protected. One can travel safely now as long as health protocols are religiously followed. 

During the first week of February, I had the opportunity to travel to the UK to visit my sister who just completed a post graduate course in one of universities in London and also to meet a dearest friend whom I haven't seen in ages. I haven't travelled anywhere since the pandemic started so stepping into an airplane for a long haul flight was quite anxiety inducing knowing that the coronavirus and its mutations are still airborne everywhere. In London, I still wore a face covering even if the indoor mask mandate was already lifted. Like they say, better travel safe than sorry!

Thanks to stringent health protocols and careful planning, I made it to London and back- safe, sound and COVID free! Yay and thank God! 

I have two words to describe London- pure magic. The city is unbelievably beautiful, inspired and exhilirating.  Visiting London is totally worth all the hassle of getting a UK visa with all its requisite tediousness and stress. The sensory overload that London offered very well compensated for a week’s worth of terrible jet lag and paltry sleep. While in the UK, we took an 8-hour train ride to charming Edinburgh to see for ourselves the enchanting medieval townscape and of course taste some yummy shortbread biscuits and buy real Scottish tartan. Again, it was raining eighty percent of the time but that didn’t stop me from enjoying a cone of Parma Violet gelato on a freezing rainy evening. 

Storm Eunice kinda ruined some of our itinerary plans but we got the must-see bases covered. I will someday go back to see the British Museum!

Enjoy these travel snaps!

The highlight of this London trip would have to be the West End musicals. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mamma Mia, The Lion King, & Juliet and Cinderella. Super stellar shows!

Museum day at National Gallery in Trafalgar Square

Big Ben: Prettiest clock in the world

It’s teatime somewhere in the world
Stopping by The Ritz for afternoon tea hosted by my friend

The Shard: Modernity amidst the antiquity

Sainsbury flowers to brighten London's famously dreary weather
London Chinatown for the best Peking Duck dish
Shoreditch used to be Jack the Ripper's lair but is now the capital of cool. It's artsy, trendy and  it's my favorite part of London
Paid my respects to my favorite English writers, poets and historical figures at Westminster Abbey

Oh, the Thames River!

Reality vs. Expectation: The Tower Bridge is majestic while London Bridge is actually just an ordinary bridge
I would have booked the English Tea Bus if I knew of such travel experience

My sister booked a pretty Airbnb in Edinburgh with a whimsical view of Princes Street

 Dean Village is a rustic  fairytale 19th  century village  with a bubbling stream and garden pathways. Very enchanting!

The winter garden of Edinburgh Castle

Scottish tablet or Parma Violet?

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