Build a home cafe with Photowall

by - Friday, June 18, 2021

I'm back with yet another creative idea on how you can build your very own home cafe or coffee corner with the help of Photowall, a Sweden based company that specializes in custom wallpaper and prints, murals and wall art. The pandemic has made our homes into some kind of a hybrid zone where our private and public lives intertwine. With the advent of work and study at home and and the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, we see more and more people doing DIY activities at home. Nowadays, people are recreating their favorite restaurant recipes and drinks or enjoying takeaway treats that they would normally enjoy in their favorite cafes or restaurants. 

Building your own homecafe is easy. It can be a one or two-seater coffee corner. Start by investing in a few coffee making essentials like coffee drippers (I love the Kalita brand) or cute coffee cups. Build it from there. Of course, if you want to create a real cafe atmosphere, you would need a few wall decor.  

If you have an empty wall at home but  are not 100% committed to using permanent or semi-permanent materials like wallpaper/mural or coffee inspired decals, you can use a poster like I did! 

I chose this quirky, minimalist coffee inspired art Woman Drinking Coffee since it has a cute, modern vibe. Depends on how you want your home cafe to look like, you can choose from a wide array of coffee inspired designs here and here

The posters come in different sizes. You should measure your wall space before you order so you can get the best design option.

This poster given its huge size needs a bit of assembling since it comes with a hanger in smoked ash color. It's very easy to assemble since an instruction leaflet is enclosed with the package. You would need an extra strength picture frame hanger to hold it up. I used 3M Command hooks that can at least hold up 2.4 kgs. 

Be as creative when choosing your designs. You can bring the outdoors in or choose from designer and curated designs. You can browse the Inspiration section for the latest design trend and ideas on how you can transform your space. Remember, a room makeover is just a  Photowall design away!

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