Surf and sun in Siargao Island

by - Sunday, May 27, 2018

Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte, Philippines has been on my travel radar for the longest time. Finally this year, I made it into a summer getaway project, bringing two other desk chained friends with me. For three days we did nothing but sleep, eat and bask in the island's lush landscapes and scenic ocean views. Flanked by the Pacific Ocean on the west, Siargao Island is unbelievably pristine and wild. The whole island is covered with incredibly thick coconut rainforest canopy and seductive surf coastlines. Like any other idyllic tropical island, Siargao is blessed with crystalline waters in various permutations of blue. 

Siargao is ideal for surfers but for non-surfers like me, the activities to enjoy are limited to island hopping, hanging out at the Boardwalk, sunset watching, sleeping in and exploring random shops and eateries. It's easy to get bored after a couple of days. The island is not that commercially infiltrated so the choices in retail, cuisine and activities are quite limited. The accommodations are simple and humble, true to the island's primitive, laidback vibe.  Overall I had an enjoyable stay and I forgot my cares and worries for a while.

In the meantime, stay green and wild Siargao! 

Dako Island is big on fun. Beach ball games and sumptuous island style lunch await the weary, sunkissed traveler. 

Hop aboard my tiny boat

Crystalline waters of the purest hues surround  Siargao's most popular island hopping destinations- Naked, Dako and Guyam Islands. 

Docking in Guyam Island's craggy shores

Island kids rollin' in the biggest sandbox of them all

The best vantage point to feel like a real islander is in Guyam Island

Warm  tidal pools in Guyam Island  to wade and soak in

Stopping by Naked Island for a quick dip. Living up to its name, the island (more like an exposed sandbar walkable in 5 minutes) is tiny, pristine and comically bare. Some enterprising people have planted a baby palm tree in the middle of the island. It's not so naked after all, haha.

Wallowing in pure bliss in Naked Island

A fiery sunset caps a surfing session at Cloud 9, Siargao

The surfing  tower at  Boardwalk, Cloud 9 in General Luna is Siargao's iconic structure. Recently closed for maintenance, the tower is a gateway to the island's best waves. Made of old, decaying wood, the structure can only acommodate a maximum of 100 people at a given time.

Riding out into the sunset

Waves are calling like a siren's song

Exposed coral beds during low tide

Non-surfers can enjoy a panoramic view of advanced surfing action during  from the 3-storey platform.  The area is characteristically dotted with coral beds, making it a challenging surfing area for beginners.

Surfers heading home before the platform closes at 6pm.

The signature Siargao sunset

Siargao's culinary secret spot. The food is good and memorable.

Kermit's Napolitana pizza with DIY toppings

Kermit's fresh salad 
Authentic Indonesian breakfast fare at Warung

Super filling and annoyingly healthy Cloud 9 Kook smoothie bowl  and coffee combo at Shaka Siargao Cafe Gallery

Plenty of coconut juice for sure

A magnificent view of Pilar's coconut plantations en route  to Mapupungko tidal pools

Hey, look up and watch out for falling coconuts!

It's best to visit Mapupungko tidal pools during low tide (usually between 12nn-3 pm). It's an hour away from General Luna.
Enchanting, ethereal, mysterious natural bathtubs that appear and disappear in the ebb and flow

Cliff diving, anyone?
That Dave Matthews Band song playing in my head
Eat, sleep, surf. Repeat.
Golden hour in Siargao
Japanese cruiser bicycles are a cheap mode of transport. One can rent a bike for Php 150 good for one day.
The friendliest dogs can be found in Siargao Island

Habal habal (single motorcycle) and tricycle (motorcycle with sidecar) are the only modes of transport in Siargao.  The island is also best explored on a bicycle since there are practically no rough roads.

Last hurrah before going back to the daily grind

Yay, we had a great time, Siargao! Thank you for the memories.

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