Cozy Craft Spaces and Food Films

by - Sunday, March 11, 2012

Timber Labo by Anticca

Chaleur  Mercerie de France by Anticca

D.D Apartment by Anticca

I'm dreaming of cozy craft spaces like these! Natural wood tones are my favorite color schemes of the moment. Mustard yellow paired with off white,espresso tones and pine wood gives a natural, romantic feel to any space.

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Thanks to Jenna's movie recommendation, I also watched a cute Japanese token food film Patisserie Coin de Rue (洋菓子店コアンドル) this weekend.

The movie features Yu Aoi , my favorite J-actress. I found the movie to be visually delightful and tactile (Japanese films seem to have this signature characteristic) even if the story line is nothing extraordinary. I will watch this movie again for the extreme close-ups of raspberry macaron sandwiches and ethereal petit cakes.

You can watch the movie online here. It doesn't have an English translation, just Korean subtitles. Given my miniscule knowledge of hangul, I did manage to understand the movie.  

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. What a cozy post, there is something to be said for the story of the work space, especially when people take time to set the scene for work. Have you ever read Kenko's little paragraph on dwellings? I agree with him that the prettiest places are those that are cared for, but not overdone - rather, allowed to be natural. Oh, how mori of me! And speaking of that, I can't wait to look for the Yu Aoi film; there are usually French versions of the film somewhere on the interwebs..
    Wishing you a lovely day! :)


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