Mini Seashore Sand Garden DIY

by - Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I miss the beach and I feel terminally bored. So this is the end result- an accidental  mini seashore sand garden DIY that I can rake (wait, I'm still looking for a miniature wooden rake), shovel (I borrowed one from the miniature plastic 7 dwarfs set), write inspirational words, practice sanskrit writing or doodle on. It can practically replace my kawaii sticky notes.  As for you, since it's still Valentine's you can probably make this sand garden for your sweetheart and write cheesy, romantic symbols and messages on it.

Mini Seashore Sand Garden DIY

  • Flat ceramic square dish
  • White sand
  • Pebbles
  • Kitschy miniature plastic coconut tree 
  • Message in a bottle (which you can fill with an S.O.S message or emergency $100 bill)


1. Assemble the materials per your style or preference.
2. Play and enjoy your sand garden.

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  1. Ah, sand, that's where we are supposed to write the faults of others (i.e. in sand, not stone)! I miss the beach, too, I also miss a tropical climate...
    I found it very entertaining that you had a plastic palm tree on hand for this craft project. It amused me so much, that I have begun to think that "plastic palm tree" should be a must for all serious crafters - to be used for special, Robinson Crusoe occasions ("each man is an island unto himself").
    From there, we can create the next craft, the SOS message in a bottle. As we craft it, we can play The Police song.
    And thus, purged by having articulated our ultimate wishes and dreams, we can sail on to bluer seas!
    Wow, what a therapeutic post this was! ;)


Sweet! Your comment is appreciated!