Express DIY: Hand Drawn Diary Point Stickers

by - Friday, January 06, 2012

It's a brand new year and time to get oneself a nice diary planner/schedule book! I actually got myself two types of schedule books- a kawaii one and a serious,  no-nonsense  version. All the playful, fun ta-daa things to do go into the cute diary while ordinary and often soul sucking routine activities go into the formal schedule book. My kawaii diary also doubles as a blog planner. I am not actually a gumball machine that dispenses inspired blog posts on a moments notice. I do have a rough sketch on my mind of what I'm going to blog about for a particular week. Random things also serve as blog prompts. If I don't jot them down I'll totally forget about them. :)

Hand drawn diary point stickers are my answer to to messy diary rubber stamps. As much as I adore rubber stamps I can't be bothered with smudged diary pages and fingers.

Hand Drawn Diary Point Stickers


Gel pen/Fine tipped pen
Self adhesive labels

Draw any desired design on the self-adhesive labels and don't try hard to get everything perfect. The essence of this exercise is to get as wabisabi as possible because it is kawaii.  Ahh, bad drawings (like the ones I made)  are welcome and totally A-OK!

I drew my diary stickers while listening to this song from Badly Drawn Boy. It puts me in a great mood.

Enjoy the song! Happy Friday!

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  1. So fun! And kawaii at my fingertips! :) I really like gel pens, especially those uniball ones that are waterproof. Ah, the joy of having just the right pen!
    Also, the music you included in this post is so lovely and relaxing - what a nifty multimedia post.

  2. P.S. I just noticed the bird one - which immediately brought the association of Portlandia's Put a Bird On It! So funny! I am so glad that show is in it's second season.

  3. Christy, really you done a great job. Well created Self Adhesive Labels
    which definitely will attract the children's especially. You have suggested a great idea to create something different.


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