Sweet Valentine Sponsor Giveaway--5 Vial Fragrance Sampler Set from The Poison Apple Apothecary

by - Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm pleased to introduce Sweet Tidings' newest sweet valentine giveaway sponsor The Poison Apple Apothecary on ETSY. Purveyor of mysterious yet wearable, luxurious yet affordable, tempting yet addicting handmade perfume oils, The Poison Apple Apothecary creates scents that  are molded around fairytales and mythology to create a unique, playful, multi-sensory experience for the wearer.

The shop's name is inspired by that famous fairytale and as the name suggests, there is a a hint of temptation.. so beware. You might just find yourself going back to The Poison Apple Apothecary over and over again. I, for one  have been strangely drawn and spellbound by this poison. Oh,  I love  the bit of timber, the swig of rum, the dash of patchouli, and  the soft vanilla dry down that goes to this blend.

Aphrodite's Love Elixir 
A libation of love, lust, beauty, and desire. This brew was blended using the same components woven together to create the goddess- essences of sea salt, chilly ocean mist, and soft watery blooms. Wear this irresistible perfume oil and seize what you desire most.

A Valentine Scent: Scorned

With each passing Valentine's Day, not much changes. At three in the morning she sits alone in the dead silence of the desolate room. She tightly clutches her cup of steaming tea, the only fuel keeping her going at this hour. A browning apple sits abandoned at one end of the table, long forgotten as all else but him has been. She scribbles furiously in her old leather journal, cursing him until the end of time. Time, after all, is the only thing she has.

Notes of black tea, red apple, leather, and aged paper.

Death by Sugar 
A gluttonous mountain of sugary sweets. Sugar cookies piled high, drizzled with syrup, dotted with sprinkles, slathered with frosting, and dusted with powdered sugar. Beware the dreaded sugar shock!

According to Angela, mistress of The Apothecary:

The Poison Apple Apothecary is a journey to the dark side of fragrance. We try to create out of the box scent combinations, and furthermore to create an experience. Each of our scents should evoke a certain feeling through the story that it tells with it's notes. One of the things that inspired me to start the apothecary was, besides the love of perfume, the goal of creating a scent that is multi-sensual in nature. That is, the perfumes from the apothecary were created not only to sniff; I want you to be able to hear the wind rippling through the field guarded by the Scarecrow, see the images of the story book heroine Rhodopis, feel the goosebumps on your arms when you smell the grave dirt in Garden of Graves, and taste the bitter tossed aside apple in Scorned. I wanted to create a truly unique experience for myself and others. One customer put it best when she said, “I like your shop because your scents are eerie and they all have a story behind them.
Angela is lucky to have turned her passion for perfumery into a hobby with the apothecary. Having studied fragrance for years and having a degree in psychology and classical civilization have all helped Angela apply her knowledge of history and  human condition into creating wonderfully complex scents that you won't be able to find on department store perfume counters.

For the sweet valentine giveaway, one lucky reader will receive a  Custom Five (5) Vial Sampler Set where you get to go to the apothecary and choose your own poison. You can find the perfume oil master list here.  This fragrance sampler pack is currently The Poison Apple Apothecary's best selling item. It is a great way to wet your toes with The Apothecary!

Meanwhile 1 ml sample vials are available for those who want to try any of the apothecary's perfume oils ranging from the saccharine  to the limited editions. Readers who mention this blog post in the message to seller section upon checkout will be able to add one vial of their choice to their order no matter the size.

To enter this valentine giveaway, simply head over to The Poison Apple Apothecary on ETSY and leave a comment of this post telling me which scent you would love to try. You can increase your chances of winning by "hearting" the shop on ETSY, twitting or blogging about this giveaway. Please leave your links in a separate comment. This giveaway is open until midnight of Feb 1, 2010. International readers are welcome to enter this giveaway!

Important: Please include your email address in your comment or blog profile so there will be a way to contact you in case you win. A new winner will be picked in case you win and there is no way of contacting you. Have fun! Happy Monday!
Update: The giveaway has ended. Thank you so much for participating. The winner will be announced as soon as the giveaway sponsor has picked a winner.


Congratulations to Heather for winning The Poison Apple  Apothecary sponsor giveaway.  

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