Sew What Blog Tour Giveaway!

by - Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank you for stopping by the Sew What Guild Blog Tour! So happy to have you here! Big thanks to Karen and the rest of the Sew What Guild for coming up with such a fun activity! It's been so wonderful visiting all the blogs and shops and making new friends in the process.

To celebrate the pink and green theme of the blog tour, I have a handmade giveaway--two pink and green mushroom cottage/house handstitched pincushions and a wee pinecone pixie! All you have to do to win these magical handmade lovelies is to visit my happy handmades shop on Artfire and tell me what sort of crafty stuff (i.e. softies, accessories etc) you would like to see in the shop in the future. Don't forget to include your email address in case you don't have a blog.

Thank you for visiting and have a magical day!

P.S. This giveaway ends tomorrow morning (11:11 a.m. my time). Join in and be counted! :)

Comments are now closed. I'll announce the winner tonight! Thank you all for joining!


The winner is commenter # 22-- Kim of Wee Folk Art! Congratulations Kim! I will notify you shortly. Thank you to all who joined. Please join my Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway Day for another chance to win.

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  1. They are so pretty!! Softies would be great in the shop??

  2. They are so adorable, dear!! I would love to give them a nice home to settle in :).. but dear, please don't count my comment this time (as much as I love to grab those cuties!!), but aren't you forgetting to tell us when this will end?

    Can I promote this on my blog?

  3. these are so sweet! you are so clever and your photos are always so crisp.
    if i dont work out how to enter on the artfire space here is my suggestion... iseem to be fond of that stuff you call zakka, it is all so sweet, so more of that!
    smooches rosey

  4. The toadstools are just gorgeous!! I'd love one to sit on my craft table, but I'd feel bad poking pins in it! lol
    I'd love to see some more handmade items in your shop, like more wristlets/pouches and some different pincushions and maybe some fabric A5 notebook covers and fabric baskets and maybe some broaches and...oh my! I could go on and on with ideas for you! If you'd like some more suggestions, I'd be glad to leave you another msg or two in future with more ideas! Just let me know!
    Love Manda. xx

  5. They are just so adorable, you always inspire me. Sorry havent been around much, just lost some days somewhere.

  6. Your mushroom cottages are so sweet! I am sure they would be best sellers in your shop. All your Japanese inspired crafting is also marvellous.

  7. I think you should definitely add the mushrooms to your shop! The wristlet is great too.
    Things look great over there!

  8. You have some great things in your shop! I love the scalloped tags! I would like to see some fun handcrafted pin cushions! I'm a big fan of pin cushions, which is amusing because I can barely sew! LOL!

  9. Wow the mushrooms are fantastic!! It's a hard question..and I spent some time thinking about it and I struggle to specify but I'd love to see more colourful, surprising, cool things (accessories etc.) just like those charming mushrooms!
    I love this giveaway!

    (claoodia at hotmail dot com)

  10. I'd love to see more fabrics in your cute shop.

  11. The first thing we ever bought on etsy was a softy mushroom, so I would say more softy mushrooms! Yours are adorable! We also like to buy craft supplies that we don't see in the chain stores. Have a nice day! Twyla

  12. I liked just about everything in the shop but my favorite was the butterfly ribbon. I've only seen ribbon like that in flower shapes, never butterflies. I'd love to see other shapes and colors as well.

    What a fun giveaway :)


  13. More softies like these please!

    Your zakka stuff just blows me away!

    Love your blog, and come here everyday!


  14. oh, i love your mushroom set! sooo cute! i definitely agree with more softies, please- your plush and dolls are super sweet (i love your little red posted last week!) cheers & thank you for the chance at this fun & fine handmade giveaway- yay! :D

  15. Hi Christy!
    Thanks for visiting. I love these, so pretty. Your other blog is great too, I feel calmed by all I read there!
    Sarah :)

  16. the mushrooms are so adorable so that is what I would vote for. anything soft and colorful! please sign me up for your giveaway!

  17. Hi, Christy. Once again your talent shows. These are adorable. Well in addition to your amazing photos I guess I'd like to see more of your cute dolls in your shop. I know you make them all by hand and that can be rather time consuming, but they are quite wonderful and not to mention simply one of a kind!

  18. Darling mushrooms - I agree that softies would be a popular item - who doesn't love softies. Pincushions are also a favorite of mine.

  19. Cute mushrooms! I love to see them in your lovely shop and i'm sure they won't stay there for long!

  20. I love the forever summer wristlet-very sweet. I would enjoy seeing some softies for sure. I'm a pretty competent sewer-but softies just mess me up! I like to buy them from other people!

  21. Totally sweet toadstools and little pixie. They would all look right at home in our gnome house! As for your site... you know I'm a fan and I adore the 2 zippered tote bags I've bought. I feel ever so clever when I'm out and about and someone tries to put my stuff in a plastic bag. "No way" I say! And I proudly pull out my little "wallet"... give an unzip and "tahdah" a reuseable tote! Get more in your shop, please! I'll be needing them for stocking stuffers soon. (I start collecting in the summer!)