Natural eco handmades

by - Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have a confession to make. My personal default color palette is cream and peaceful neutrals. You'd probably say, how boring! It is only after I started this blog that I started to explore a spectrum of colors like pastels and bold & gentle colors. Having lived in the tropics all my life, I have a profound appreciation for natural color schemes, fabrics and materials and an even deeper connection to all their quiet, simple attributes. Organically, natural materials are very cool and calm to the touch in the perennially sweltering heat! I grew up having natural woven mats as my bedsheets.

Given this philosophy, I will be breaking some of the pretty and sweet pattern of this blog by creating simple, eco conscious crafts using locally sourced materials --just like the burlap desk caddy pictured above. I originally created it for the natural eco handmades category of the shop but I ended up liking it so much I'm keeping it for myself, LOL! It's created wabi-sabi style--both handmade and handsewn in its simplicity. I've also vowed to contribute to Artfire's Green Products movement.

I'll probably make a few one-of-a kind natural eco items for shop before I go on my 2 week lent and easter blog vacation on Friday, April 3. I hope you all support and create green handmade!

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  1. Oooh Christy, you're a girl after my own heart ! What a touching post today, I really enjoyed every word of it !!!
    Of course I support & try to create green handmade ! Way to go Christy !! The desk caddy is absolutely adooooorable !! I love it so much ! xoxoxo much love for you today

  2. The colora are not boring at all!!! They are soft, calm and peaceful! I like to work with these fabrics so I can understand you want to keep it for yourself! I'll be looking foward to seeing your new projects simple, conscious and pretty!
    Have a lovely Easter vacation!

  3. This is lovely. Very soothing and sensual. It reminds me of the stuff Maya*made does, also. Do you read her?

  4. Lovely. How different our planet would be if more people embraced the world. As consumers we have to be willing to spend a little more for responsible products. Kudos to you and your readers who support you!

  5. Just lovely Christy! I love using natural materials too. Can't wait to see more of your eco designs.

  6. Go Christy!

    I am aware how craft movement itself has changed our way of consume (buy less, craft more, if possible craft and recycle!).

    Let's us save the earth!

  7. It's beautiful Christy and will never go out of style! "D

  8. that's a great idea Christy! Love the desk caddy!

  9. I love neutral too... but not as much as pink! hehe
    your new shop is soooo pretty! It is new right? I've already added a bunch of items to my must have soon list :)

  10. peaceful naturals just never go out of style - and there is no end to the range of whites and off-whites out there! i push myself to use colour all the time too, but natural colours and fabrics are heavenly.

    i love the little caddy!


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