Country cupcakes and Lollishop goodness

by - Tuesday, March 31, 2009


These mouthwatering faux, calorie-free country cupcakes (is it me or they really have an intriguing vanilla scent) are giveaway goodies I received from the gorgeous Kylie of A Bite of Country Cupcakes! I've been secretly coveting these lovely creations of hers for a long time and I was so thrilled when she offered them for her 100th post giveaway. I'm so lucky for having won these yummy treats! I can stare at these and not worry about a calorie expenditure. Thank you so much Kylie! You've made my cupcake dreams come true! If you fancy some of these lovely cupcakes for your kitchen corner, you may email Kylie at I'm sure these crafty cupcake, cookie and pastry creations are available for sale! 

Of course, sometimes you'd want to eat real cupcakes! As a treat for a job well done, cupcakes take the cake. These treats can be calorific so it's  good to check your  calorie expenditure to see if you can still gorge on another cupcake or two. 


Another sweet giveaway win that arrived in the mail is this lovable, vintage style whimsy creation called Joyland Toyland from Stella Hannigan's Lollishop-- Sugarpress Studios!

It was one of the amazing prizes from the All Dolled Up Event hosted by Sadie Lou of Lollishops and Chelsea of Itty Bitty Birdy. Thank you so much Lollishops and Sugarpress Studios! Also, visit Stella's artful blog at Stella & Sugar, her Sugarpress Etsy shop and her main website Vintage Musings. Don't forget to visit Lollishops for one-of-a kind, super sweet Easter gifts.

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  1. I am so pleased they arrived in one piece and safely to such a happy recipient!
    They are scented with a cupcake oil!
    Glad you liked your goodies.
    And another giveaway...You are having a great run of Luck such as I had!
    It is so exciting getting goodies in the post:)

  2. you are so lucky Christy! they even match your blog! I think I'd have to go buy a box of cupcakes with those beauties sitting around, my mouth would be watering every time I looked at them!

  3. Awww you make me envy! You're so lucky!!

    Here let me touch you, I hope your winning aura passed on to me! :D

  4. Lovely cupcakes! And what a cute idea with the tea pots on top!


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