Gifts with Warmth: 5 DIY Easy Quilt Projects for the Holidays

by - Monday, December 21, 2020

We are almost at the end of this crazy, crazy year and what better way to end it than to spend a cozy and warm Christmas in the safety bubble of our homes. As there are still lockdowns in many parts of the world and it is recommended that we stay home as much as we can and avoid gatherings with people who are not members of our immediate household. How about spending time with family and craft something nice, warm and festive? 

Our guest contributor Lisa Ruble of Sit n' Sew Fabrics  has 5 easy quilt projects for you to try this holiday season. Merry sewing and quilting!

Gifts with Warmth: 5 DIY Easy Quilt Projects for the Holidays 

To the inexperienced quilter, the art of quilting doesn’t seem like it can be “fast” or “easy.” However, if you choose a basic pattern and get the right tools for the job, you can make a gorgeous quilt for the holidays in no time at all!Once you have your sewing machine or your needle and thread, pick up one of these five easy DIY quilt projects and make something you’re proud of. 

1. Ready-to-Sew Panel Kits

A panel kit is a single printed piece of fabric that’s quilted together with backing and binding. The panel usually has a bold, eye-catching design that looks great on its own. These three elements are all that make up a basic panel kit, but the end result is much more impressive than it seems! This is a simple quilting project, but you can make it even simpler when the fabric is pre-measured and cut for you! That way, you can take out the longest step of the process — cutting — and you don’t have to worry about coordinating materials, patterns, or styles. You can find ready-to-sew panel kits in pretty much any online quilting store. Holiday-themed panel kits are popular, so you won’t have a hard time finding several different kits to make for friends and family. Once you get the stitching process down (easily accomplished via YouTube videos or a helpful grandmother), you can whip up holiday panel kits in no time. 

2. Quilted Stockings 

Quilted stockings are both meaningful and highly customizable. Since you made them with your own two hands, they make a beautiful gift -- especially for a young child. To choose fabrics for the stockings, you can pick your giftee’s favorite things, like their favorite animals or holiday foods. You can even take the customization one step further with a DIY gift tag or personalized packaging. As stockings are rather small, you might want to hand quilt the entire project. Don’t be overwhelmed by hand quilting — it’s not as difficult as it seems, and it gives you much more precise control over your stitches. Read these techniques on hand quilting 

 3. Dresden Plate Tree Skirt 

You can’t get more festive than a tree skirt! Quilting your own Dresden Plate tree skirt is one of the most popular DIY holiday quilting crafts . What exactly is a Dresden Plate, though? Simply put, it’s a circular fabric pattern that features “blades,” which look like petals fanning out around a central circle. They’ve been around for well over a century as both centerpieces for full-sized quilts and as standalone decorations, but their circular shape also works brilliantly for a tree skirt! If it sounds daunting, don’t worry — this is a basic pattern if you want to cut it out yourself, but you can also find ready-to-sew Dresden Plate tree skirt kits in quilting stores across the internet. 

 4. Ready-to-Sew Holiday Quilt Kits

 You can go beyond a one-piece panel kit and still keep your holiday quilting project simple! The trick is to choose a basic, repeating pattern that’s all cut out for you. When you don’t have to cut out all the tiny pieces, half the time spent quilting is gone. Simply follow the pattern that comes with your kit, and you can put together block after block so your quilt comes to life in a flash. When the measuring and cutting have been done for you, the craft becomes peaceful and mindless. You can cozy up in front of the fireplace and chat with your loved ones while making this DIY holiday craft! 

 5. Holiday Table Runners 

 A table runner is just a long, flat piece of fabric, so it’s easy to make yourself! Liven up your Christmas dinner table with a themed table runner that you can bring out with the holiday decorations year after year. It’s easy to find free patterns and tutorials for table runners online, and you can use any festive fabric you like to make your pattern. Table runners are simple enough that you can bring in your kids to help choose the fabrics and pattern, and maybe you can teach them to sew as a holiday activity! Want to go the extra mile? Spice up your dinner table with hand-quilted coasters and placemats, too! Coordinate them with your table runner to take your holiday meal setup to the next level. Most importantly, it’s supposed to be easy, so have fun with it!

Guest Contributor

Lisa Ruble, a quilter and sewing expert at Sit n' Sew Fabrics, frequently gives up sleep to sew and/or bribe her toddlers watching cartoons when an idea hits, and she has a ridiculously large fabric stash. Her style is more modern than not, though she's dabbled a bit in just about everything.

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