Make a cute craft space with Photowall and 25% discount code

by - Monday, September 14, 2020

A craft room is more than just a space for creative cocooning. You can give it a character or a theme by displaying collectibles, knick knacks and wall art that reflect your interests and your style. I have a small craft room that houses a small collection of  craft books, sewing stash, art materials and handmade stuff I've made or collected through the years. Inspired by the cat cafes I've visited in Seoul and Singapore, I turned it into a cat cafe themed craft room where my pet cats can hang-out while I work on my crafty projects and sip homemade dalgona coffee. 

Nowadays, a wallpaper mural or a collection of quirky, curated  frames can change the atmosphere or aura of a room. Now that we are spending more time staying or working at home, it is just natural to refresh or refurbish our space with a few additions such as an accent wall or a photo frame that makes us smile. Thanks to Sweden-based company Photowall, one can now choose from an amazing collection of wall muralswallpapers and  posters that can transform ho-hum work spaces, home offices and lackluster rooms into stunning and inspiring places to live, work and thrive in. Low on inspiration? Browse the Photowall inspiration magazine for the latest trends, news, DIY and design pegs. 

To jumpstart your mini (or major) space makeover, the amazing folks at Photowall are sharing a special discount code on any Photowall product. Just enter the discount code sweettidings25 upon checkout and a 25% discount will be applied. This offer is valid only until October 31, 2020 so grab it while you can! 

Let me know what Photowall project you'd be making!

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