Corona Maison: Design your dream corona house

by - Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A light drenched, book and botanics sitting room

How is the quarantine life coming along? I am getting used to this work-from-home routine while balancing home chores and indulging in creative me time. As we battle the global nemesis virus, now is the opportunity to enrich our home life and appreciate all the little things we haven't enjoyed in detail before such as brilliant sunsets, tea time in the garden, cuddles with kitty, planning and  cooking meals and even folding our laundry Kon Mari style. 
I found this delightful website aptly entitled Corona Maison that celebrates a reimagined quarantine life. It takes a peek into the fantasy corona houses of people all over the world. Download the template and design your fantasy Corona Maison today! 

Here are some of my favorite Corona houses uploaded to the site:

This is me in a nutshell

Up high in  a cat lady Corona treehouse

Listening to 80's hits while
counting down the days to Corona liberation

I don't mind being marooned in the South Atolls in my living room

Kawaii corona house

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  1. It’s been almost more than 2 years that I am living my life in quarantine. The disease out there in the air is killing thousands of innocent souls and after reading your blog post, I have decided to design my corona mansion as per your creative ideas. I will do this once I have found an assignment writer for my academics. This is something very important and priority for me that is why I’ll spend my money on assignment writers then I’ll think of designing my house to make my life beautiful.

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  3. Designing your dream Corona house is a thrilling endeavor, just like selecting acustom women leather jacket that complements your style. Both involve personalization and attention to detail. Just as your house reflects your lifestyle, a well-crafted leather jacket enhances your fashion statement. So, whether it's your home or wardrobe, customization allows you to create spaces and looks that truly represent you. Enjoy the creative journey!


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