Rilakkuma Cafe in Taipei

by - Sunday, July 08, 2018

When I visited Taipei last month, I made Rilakkuma Cafe in Da'an District one of my must-visit food places. Aside from the fact that I'm a huge fan of this cute San-X character, I love visiting theme cafes or cat cafes wherever I get to travel. 

After visiting the iconic Taipei 101 observatory and quick lunch at Mos Burger at the Taipei food hall,  me and my friend checked our Google maps on how to get to Rilakkuma Cafe by foot. The summer weather was quite pleasant for walking and we welcomed the opportunity to check out random little shops along the way. On the map, it seemed like Rilakkuma Cafe was a short walk from Xinyi District but it turned out to be almost a one hour walk! We arrived 30 minutes early for our restaurant reservation (conveniently done via EZ Table).  Instead of coffee and cake, we decided to go for an early dinner since there were a lots of fabulous main dishes on the menu. Due to the popularity of this cafe as a family and romantic date restaurant, guests can only stay for 1.5 hours.

I had a hearty and very tasty  Beef Bourguignon dish and cheesecake for dessert while my friend had Pasta Carbonara and cheesecake too. I had the mistake of ordering a really sweet peach raspberry fizz. Aww, I should have ordered coffee instead! Over-all, it was a surprisingly satisfying meal.  Rilakkuma Cafe ( and all other theme cafes for that matter) is quite pricey but then at least the food looks and tastes great. I loved the charming and relaxing ambiance too. Very kawaii!

Nice, cushy interiors and cute decor

Take your favourite seat

Dessert comes first hehe

Rilakkuma cheesecake with coffee walnut cream

Pasta please! (Excuse the blurry pics)

Raspberry and peach fizz. Too sweet for my liking though.

Cute facade! No wonder visitors young and old troop to this theme cafe

Coffee? Sweet or bitter?

Rilakumma's sweet goodies
How about some Rilakkuma merch on the way out?

Till next time, Rilakkuma Cafe!

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