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by - Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring and Easter season is just around the corner. Check out these great Easter Party ideas from guest blogger Steve Hansen of  

Five Ways to Take Your Easter Party to the Next Level

By Steve Hansen, of

Easter is one of those holidays that is steeped in tradition. Donning fancy hats or bonnets, enjoying delicious family feasts and, of course, discovering hidden eggs – sometimes weeks later. But sometimes it is fun to break tradition, just a little bit. So we’ve put together a list of great ways to build on your family’s Easter traditions – five things you can do this season that will thrill both adults and children.

1. Ensure a confirmed sighting of the Easter Bunny
For so many, the Easter Bunny has always been like Santa – a visitor who comes and goes without being seen, leaving clues in the form of filled stockings or hidden Easter eggs. (For the rest of us, it often means a late night before the big day!) With AtmosFX’s latest digital decoration, Hoppy Easter, you can be certain the Easter Bunny will make an appearance at your party that will have everyone talking. In the case of Hoppy Easter, you can project onto a window or wall a high-spirited computer animated rabbit who's getting ready for the Spring season, planting flowers, decorating eggs, and performing magic tricks. With a confirmed sighting of the Easter Bunny at your gathering, it is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood. Just make sure to buy some extra Easter candy ­– you’ll need it!

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2. Carve up those Peeps to make ‘Peepshi’
Over the years, there we have seen some pretty masterful projects utilizing the fabulously fluffy fowl of Easter, Peeps. But we are particularly taken with Niki Achitoff-Gray’s creative genius at Serious Eats, where she turns Peeps into sushi. Achitoff-Gray dissects peeps to create inside-out rolls, nigiri, maki – she even adds Nerds to make a Technicolor tobiko. And using Rice Krispie treats as sticky rice? A masterstroke! The many colors of Peepshi are a joy to look at and great for a party – plus, it might just be the only way to get the kids to sample this Japanese delight. Just make sure to order the real stuff for the adults.

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3. Ditch the plastic eggs and make egg piñatas
Sure, the plastic eggs of Easter are useful and reusable – but soooo boring! We like the South-of-the-Border flair of Easter egg piñatas. With just some leftover paper streamers and a little glue, you can use blown-out eggs to create something a little more magnífico. Stuff the hollowed-out eggs with dollar bills, Peeps or other lightweight surprises, and you have a festive take on the Easter egg. Heck, you can even let your guests take a few swings at the eggs in true piñata fashion – and even decorate a few un-blown-out eggs to create a little mischief.

4. Consider a late-night Easter egg hunt
If you’ve made the egg piñatas (above) and now wonder what to do with your empty plastic eggs, consider this unusual egg hunt that works great for both kid and adult parties. Do it in the dark! Grab a bag of small glow sticks, put one in each egg, and then scatter them indoors or out. Outfit your guests with flashlights if you choose – or just let ’em bump into things. To continue the theme, you can also decorate Easter eggs with fluorescent paint and replace a few incandescent bulbs with black-lights. And for those who want to really take it up to a notch, the dark environment is a perfect place to display AtmosFX’s Hoppy Easter (above).

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5. Leftovers that turn Easter brunch into a two-day event
For the Sunday feast, we won’t presume to provide the perfect Easter Ham recipe – we all have an uncle or grandmother who has passed-along their prized family recipe from one generation to another. We can’t top that. But what of the leftovers? That’s what Thanksgiving is known for, but we’ll take the post-Easter brunch possibilities any day. We love the many sandwich ideas at Food Republic – particularly the ham and gruyère waffle tartine. They’re so good, your guests might choose to make the Easter brunch a two or three day event – depending on how long the leftovers last.

By Steve Hansen, of AtmosFX

AtmosFX is a digital decorating company that helps people customize their homes for holidays and celebrations with fun and entertaining animated characters and stories. There are currently 23 AtmosFX Digital Decorations on the market, as well as additional peripheral products. For more information about AtmosFX, visit

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