Fairy Wish Jar DIY Tutorial

by - Sunday, February 05, 2012

I love how the February Creative Everyday Challenge is inspiring me to switch to magical thinking mode. I think handmade crafts can be useful, magical  tools to enliven and support our goals and dreams via  meaningful everyday rituals.

I originally wanted to make a glowing firefly jar but since I can't find real fireflies or glow in the dark paint I thought of making a wish jar.

My version of a wish jar borders on the whimsical. It's made of a recycled Smucker's orange marmalade jam jar, a Mary Engelbreit magazine paper doll, a tiny ceramic goose figurine, a swab of green felt, ribbon,  jam jar label, natural twine and handwritten tag. On tiny pieces of sticky notes I have written in red ballpoint ink positive and affirmative goals and wishes in the present tense. This lovely article is a good reference on how to write goals and wishes.

Fairy Wish Jar DIY


  • Jelly, jam or mason jars with screw cap
  • Various bits and bobs like stickers, ribbons, artwork etc
  • Tiny figurines, cards or lucky symbols
  • Tiny pieces of paper containing wishes and goals written in red ink
1. Clean jam, jelly or mason jar.
2. Fill jar with various objects that inspire or symbolize your goals and dreams.
3. Decorate jar with stickers, artwork, ribbon lace or anything that you like.
4. On tiny pieces of paper, write in red ink your goals and wishes. Drop them inside the jam jar.
5. Now that you've got your intentions and goals set, make those dreams happen! You can do it!

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  1. While I'm not generally a fan of magical thinking - because of what the folk say about being careful of what we wish for, and also because wishing too much can make us blind to a better, more unexpected path that may open in front of us, - it has been occurring to me that many people stop wishing and dreaming as they get older. And there is something to be said about how vital wishing and dreaming is. There is also something to be said for cultivating the garden of our minds to be receptive to all that is dear to us and fulfills us. Symbols are so powerful. I heard a story about a wedding that took place yesterday: as it finished, a Russian priest walked in to a non-Russian church, and the groom got all teary eyed. They had not known each other, but the priest gave the couple presents of icons. It turns out that the groom only listened to Russian music at home, and considered the priest's arrival a special blessing. And the priest was so amazed by his warm reception in the church. While I wouldn't put too much stock into the story, I do think it is a reminder for us to surround ourselves with that which we love - not to lord over it, or to become enslaved by it, but in appreciation of the larger values they point to. And if your post has inspired a comment this long, I hope you will regard your post as a wonderful one! :)

  2. Love your magical and somewhat whimsical jar!!! And your photo just enhances that feeling! Lovley!

  3. Con questo bellissimo tutorial sicuramente mi inventerò qualcosa di creativo ...Grazie e a presto!!!Complimenti per il blog è veramente un luogo dove la creatività e il buon gusto vanno a spasso insieme!


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