The Fanciful Halloween Party 2011

by - Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hello friends, guests and fellow faeries! Welcome to Halloween Party 2011!

(Enter/Listen to spooky music here

I hope Mr. Dancing Skeleton on his magic pumpkin coach has delivered your halloween invites on time? 

It's that time of the year when the magic maven of A Fanciful Twist gathers her marvelous minions for an annual Halloween Party. Tonight, Casa Sweet Tidings transforms into a haunted little coven for some enchanted, scary fun!

Now light up your lanterns and beware of shadows darting from behind your back. On a night like this, a blood thirsty gentleman  (an Edward Cullen doppelganger) is out for a kill.

Boo!! And he leaves a bloody trail behind!   I wonder what it he seeks or desires... 

OMG!  He has his eyes on the  To Kill For or To Die For Chocolate Cake. Stop him before he sinks his fangs on this forbidden and totally intoxicating  Chocolat Gateau Noir. It is the most sinful dessert this side of hell.Even vampires can't resist!

Oh, and he stopped for some Petrified Firebird Eggs!

The bloodthirsty visitor and chocolate thief magically vanishes into thin air. Only the sound of a cloud of bats flying into the deep night can be heard as a waning crescent moon illuminates the starry sky. 

The sound of rickety bones (it must be arthritis) punctuates the silent, enchanted night. Mr. Dancing Skeleton is on his way bringing a plate of what could be....

Halloween cupcakes in pumpkin orange!  It's not party without cupcakes, right? Yay, yay, yay and so the party and merriment begins!

The good creatures of Halloween gather in a circle as a bonfire crackles nearby.

In a lively chorus they chant:

Poem #4 (credit to author)

Since this is the time for goblins and bats
Halloween spirits and ghosts and cats
Happenings are weird and witches make brew
The following are the things I wish for you.
May the only spirit you chance to meet
Be thee spirit of love and friends that are sweet.
May the only goblin that comes your way
Be the neighborhood phantom, the breeze takes away.
So by tomorrow, pick a friend down the street
And give to them a Halloween treat.
Fill this cone with goodies galore,
Then hang it on their front door.
You only have one day to do this, so hurry
Leave treats on their door and run in a flurry
As this cone moves along from friend to friend,
All good wishes go on and never end

Thank you all for visiting. Grab a loot bag on your way out of the door. Make sure to stop by the houses of all the Halloween 2011 partiers!

DIY Notes:

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  1. thankyou for visiting my party and hearing my tale. I love your yummy looking cupcakes :)

  2. Your party is the perfect combination of spooky and sweet. Happy Halloween!

  3. Mmmm yum - your treats look SO good! My sweet tooth is acting up ;)

    Thanks for visiting my pumpkin carving party today...glad you stayed for some seeds!

    Happy Halloween!

  4. Blood and chocolate! Nothing says Halloween quite like that combination...haha!

    Thanks for having me!

  5. Wow, what an inspired post - I really got a kick out of the musical touch. Stopping by was a lot of fun! How'd you like to come over for a slice of chess pie? :)

  6. I had so much fun at your party. I loved everything about it. Your sweet treats were yummy too. Please visit me:

  7. Such a yummy party...I don't mind sharing some of that fabulous chocolate cake with vampires who bear striking resemblances to Mr. Cullen. ;)

    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Halloween!

  8. Marvelous party! I loved it! Especially the fake blood at the beginning and the Twilight reference heeheheheee!

  9. Oh what yummy Halloween treats, thanks so much for sharing. :-)

  10. Happy Halloween!! What a fun time I had here!!

    Thanks for sharing! And thanks for stopping by my Halloween party!!


  11. How Fun! Thanks for the DIY Notes.
    Happy Halloween and Enjoy the Party!

  12. A fun and fabulous party - love the treats. Stop by my enchanted oven for party sweets.

  13. Hope you can stop by for tea and treats...enjoyed your poem and photos! Cupcakes look SO yummy!


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