Throw a Retro Paper Doll Party with Craft-In

by - Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cake buffet standee, placeholder, centerpiece or just pain paper doll 

Let's Retro Paper Doll Party! 

"Welcome to the party! The lonely days of crafting solo are over. You have found your people! We're here, sharing supplies, swapping  secrets, and passing the snacks. Grab your friends and come join us ."
One of the most eye catching and unique craft books that has been released lately is Craft-In, an adorable boxed compilation of 12 crafty project ideas designed and contributed by some of the craftiest people on the planet.  Edited by Kathleen McCafferty and published by Lark Crafts, each booklet is wonderfully designed and features easy and party ready projects for the whole gang. I'm really drawn to the upbeat, quirky, funky and downright personal tone of the booklets. Fabulous photos, artwork, visual ephemera and over-all cool writing style all meld together to create this unforgettable craft booklet collectible. Craft-In's handy booklet format and brilliant execution makes it a definite must-have for your craft library.

Craft-In's best feature would have to be the range of techniques that appeal to crafters of all persuasions. The easy, down-to-earth instructions are just perfect for stitchers, crocheters, bakers, mixed media artists, altered art junkies, felters, jewelery makers and even crafters who love hoop dancing.

The boxed set also contains a craft party invitation template that can be photocopied  and sent to your friends. For each project, there are fun suggestions for snacks, craft supplies and even music! 

I love all the projects especially Retro Paper Doll Party, Culture Club Pocketbook Logs, Great Cupcake Makeover and Mint Tin Tiny World.

The retro paper doll (pictured above)  I created from the Retro Paper Doll Party booklet  was so fun to make. I enjoyed dressing her up as a cupcake fairy. The project was designed by Suzie Millions, artist, compulsive collector and author of The Complete Book of Retro Crafts (Lark Books, 2008).

I definitely will gather some friends this holiday season for my own  Retro Paper Doll Party. Next time there will be some fizzy drinks and yes, cupcakes!

Go grab a copy of Craft-In for your holiday crafty parties!

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