Regain that inner spark!

by - Saturday, February 06, 2010

Image from Vanessa Valencia/A Fanciful Twist
Vanessa (A Fanciful Twist), the queen of magical thinking and inspirer par excellence is writing about inner spark in her blog today. Let me quote some very beautiful  lines from her blog post:

Do you know where your spark is? Is it with you now, or is it on vacation?
One thing is certain regarding spark. I heard this from a viable source. Losing your spark is not possible! Isn't that great news? It can be hidden, but not lost. And even better news for the day, it can be found! This can even happen several times in a lifetime, with no negative effect upon your spark. I know, greatest new ever!
So, as I thought these thoughts I strongly came to feel that my spark is intertwined with imagination and creativity and kindness and love. I feel my spark tickling me when I am painting, or even when I am chatting happily with a stranger at the grocery store.
I even feel my spark come to life when I find a penny, or help someone out. My spark gets its strength from many sources.
Sometimes, even a little reminder that there is whimsy and hope and goodness can make my spark glow. In many ways, it's that spark that makes us feel alive, and reminds us of who we are. Don't you think?
Aren't those just marvelously beautiful words? So reassuring.

I've also seen my own inner spark flicker and fade in this very volatile world. It's true what Vanessa says, the inner spark is always there and it can never be extinguished. We are primarily souls and as eternal flames, we need people to rekindle our inner spark. We need to rekindle the fading sparks of other people too. Never hide your inner spark under a bowl!
Vanessa invites you to regain  and nurture your inner spark. I invite you as well. Make a wee wish for yourself, for others, for the world. Wishing good things always lights up our souls. You may want to print Vanessa's wee ticket wishes  and  pass it out to the world.

On this note I wish you a wonderful weekend. May your inner spark never fade!

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