You can help stop climate change

by - Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Have you seen the climate change campaign docu-movie The Age of Stupid ? If you have, it has probably inspired you to take affirmative action to stop climate change while we still have the chance.


Fly less, holiday more
Swap plane for train, holiday nearer to home and take fewer but longer trips-same tanning time, dramatically less climate change emissions. Never fly or only one return flight a year?

Save on cooling
Turn off your a/c one hour before you leave the room or put it on timer when you use it overnight. Open your windows to encourage natural air flow. Use your bill to see whether you cut 10% in 2010. Don't use gas or oil?

Save 10% on electricity
Save big cash by changing lightbulbs, replacing old fridges and freezers and always turnign stuff off. use your bill to compare 2009 usage to 2010. Produce your own electricity from solar or wind?

Drive less
Leave your car at home one day a week. Walk, cycle or take public transport. Join a carpool rather than owning your own and share your ride to work with a colleague or two. No car?

Eat better
More delicious in-season fruit and vegetables, less over- processed over-packaged tasteless cardboard. Have one meat-free day per week-but don't replace with just-as-bad cheese. Don't eat meat or dairy?

Buy good stuff
Less stuff made=less emissions=less climate change. So buy high quality things that last, repair broken stuff rather than throwing them away, buy and sell second-hand. Never buy new? Really?

Dump less
Avoid excess packaging and buying pointless stuff that goes straight to teh waste basket recycle everything possible and compost your food waste. No garden or scared of worms? Let you off the composting.

Don't waste food
Don't buy or cook more than you need and eat up those tasty leftovers. With a smile on you face. Never waste a drop or morsel?

Don't waste water
Pumping and distilling water uses lots of energy-as does heating it at your home-so take showers rather than baths, be careful when watering plants and only run full dishwashers & washing machines. Don't use water? What, you're an alien?

Feel happier
It's December 2010.. you're healthier from walking and cycling, you've made new friends from swapping stuff and carpooling, you've saved a big chunk of cash...and you know that you're part of the global effort to prevent catastrophic climate change...

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