Merry Matryoshka Crafts

by - Sunday, May 31, 2009

If you're anything like me, my craft to-do folder is bursting at the seams with print-outs of all the tutorials and patterns I want to try! I always get distracted everytime a new tutorial comes along. I want to try it now and past tutorial print-outs always get buried in oblivion. In life, as in crafting I'd like to be more present. Just being and savoring each little chore, task and craft project one day at a time. So I thought of making a craft journal using a blank chipboard kraft paper set that I purchased from a stationery store. A craft journal I reckon would be a wonderful way to gather notes, materials and ideas of the things I dream of making. More importantly it will be an inspiring and leisurely way to appreciate and document a craft project at a particular moment. By the end of the year I would have a lovely homemade souvenir of yet another creative and inspiring year. I invite you to create your own craft journal too!

For the craft journal project, I designed the cover on Photoshop using Yasmine's Little Matryoshka Digital Kit which can be purchased at her shoppe. Her shoppe is filled with beautiful and affordably priced digital goodies so perfect for paper craft projects.

I also made sewing notion labels and button craft bookmarks using Babalisme's very cute Merry Matryoshka printable. Her playful printable has a very lovely kraft paper theme and it is just the perfect project to complement my matryoshka craft journal.

Today is the last day of the sew mama sew giveaway! Scroll down and leave a comment on my giveaway post to be in the running to win some cute craft goodies! Have a great Sunday!

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