Sewing nostalgia

by - Thursday, March 05, 2009

I finally finished my Crafty Slacker Get Er Done project! Of course, it is quite a milestone since I sewed it using my  99 year old grandma's antique Singer treadle machine. Suddenly I am in a time warp and I imagine grandma's sunlight filled house and the noisy clang of the pedal as she sewed the afternoon away. 

I'm a hand sewer/slow sewer by tradition and this is the first time I've ever machine sewed. I'm glad I'm moving up to the next level, LOL!  It is quite fun and I think I'll churn out more sewing crafts this way. In parallel, this is the closest thing to writing correspondences in fountain pen. What do you think?  I'd still continue to meticulously hand sew precious little crafts though...

Excuse the wonky lines! I need more practice!

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  1. it is nice to know that there are others out there that are scared of theri sewing machines and prefer to hand sew. i dont rate myself very high on the ability scale but i do love to stitch. i am working on a design for something and am going to use the machine for part of it... i will post about my success (power of positive thinking). love your creation.
    %^_^% rosey

  2. Christy that is wonderful what a big step for you . I learnt to sew on one of those machines . Really showing my age now !
    clares craftroom

  3. My grandmother was a seamstress and used to have one of those treadle machines that looked a lot like this one.

    I also am afraid of sewing machines. They just seem to always be such a hassle. I've been trying to work up the nerve to get a new one and give it a go in my "spare" time.

    I never used my grandmother's antique... I wonder where it went.

  4. I cannot actually see any wonky lines. The fabric you have chosen is absolutely gorgeous.
    I have quite a few machines and the one that gets me out of alot of trouble for tough jobs or when my modern ones break is my old Singer. Mine is a 99k model and its a good honest hard worker. Im glad you are using yours. Have fun!

  5. There is something quite relaxing about hand sewing and I try to practice it daily. I do sew on my sewing machine regularly and as I inherited it from my grandmother it always conjures happy memories for her and the patience she showed in passing on all her skills. Thanks for sharing your creation is pretty.

  6. wow, get back with your prairie-woman-with-a-treadle-machine self!
    what a beautiful machine.

  7. Very cute - love the bright cheery colors!

  8. oh my grandma used to have a sewing machine like that, and she had total skill in maneuvering the darn thing.

    the outcome of your project looks good though!

  9. I love it Christy! That is totally something I would do, use a treadle machine! Congratulations on your "high tech" new apron! It's beautiful!

  10. Great job! Keep up the good work. Practice makes perfect! :)


  11. So beautiful and what lovely fabric!

  12. Hi! I'm Laura from Italy... I already know your lovely blog and maybe I also had already link you on my blog but I'm not sure so...i will link your blog on mine :D



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