Xmas Ornament Countdown Week 2

by - Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Saturday once again. How fast time flies. I just realised it's been a while since I've updated my blog. I just started on a new job and I've been busy as a bee. Hopefully I get settled comfortably on my new schedule so I can go back to my normal daily blogging routine. If not, I may have to update my blog in bulk once or twice a week. That sucks since I love to deliver something fresh and new everyday.

It's the second week of Christmas Ornament Countdown. This week, I made a pair of felt gingerbread boy and gal using my tin cookie cutters as template. I tried to make them as lifelike yummy looking as possible. For gingerbread boy, I used mint coloured buttons and white embroidery thread to imitate candy buttons and cookie frosting. For gingerbread girl, I used pink mini ric rac and lavender buttons for added sweetness. I used coffee coloured felt to make the ornaments look cookie-ish as possible! Of course, instead of photographing, I plopped them on the scanner to make them look like freshly baked goodies that they are!

My cute fabric find. Giddy yup!

I share Hanna's love for all things cute and girly! No matter what my age, I'll always be 11 years old giddy. Indeed, I truly believe in keeping one's inner child alive and happy. I paint my own blue skies, string pearls of rainbows, walk on green grass like it's holy ground and just wonder at the beauty of this earth and the great opportunity of being alive and connected to all that is.

Tree of Happiness Award

The beautiful Gina passed on this award to me a couple of weeks ago and I listed 6 things that made me happy as of the moment. Now, I'm passing on this award to the following six gals. I would love to know the Six Things that Make You Happy Right Now!

1. Suzanne of Create Fun & Mess
2. Cindy of Lucy's Tales from Home
3. Louise of This is My Patch
4. Hanna of Create and Live Happy
5. Elizabeth of EV Photo Chic
6. Rachael of Sweet Nothings

A big thank you to Louise for sharing her Blogging Friends Forever Award with me. Thank you for thinking of me! Your friendship means a lot.

I'll be back with some more posts. In the meantime have a fantastic Saturday!

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  1. Well done on the new job! Those gingerbread ornaments are super cute!!

  2. Thank you for the award Christy. I am passing on the must see blog award to you.
    Your gingerbread boy and girl do look yummy enough to eat.
    Hope you new job works out.

  3. Oooh gorgeous gingerbread Christy..you make the sweetest things! :D Hope you've had a lovely weekend Gx

  4. very cute - love gingerbread people
    lisa x


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